PSSR at PIR sponsored by Mike Colbach 7/18/16

Motorcycles at PIR – PSSR Track Day 7/18/16

For years on my motorcycle site, (well, since 2007), I have offered a free PSSR track day with every motorcycle case I handle because I so strongly believe in the quality of PSSR instructors and the importance of continued motorcycle skills improvement and training. PSSR are the top instructors on the West Coast and have been doing track days on West Coast tracks for many years.

Proud to sponsor 7/18/16 PSSR track day at PIR
Proud to sponsor 7/18/16 PSSR track day at PIR


Some cry foul on coverage of Kalamazoo cyclists’ deaths
Detroit Metro Times

[…] Disseminating this kind of bad advice only helps reinforce the idea that bikes are guests on the road and need stay out of the way of the “real traffic.” […] “It’s much easier for everyone, including bicyclists themselves, to put the safety burden on the most vulnerable road users when the opposite should be done,” Scott said in an email. […]

Husband who saw wife die after tree crashes into house sues neighbors for $3.1M

[…] Dennis Elleson’s lawsuit states that less than a year before his wife’s death, he’d text messaged the neighbors asking that they remove the tree that grew on the edge of the neighbors’ property because he feared it would fall onto his house. […] According to the lawsuit, trouble with the fir tree was apparent at least 17 years before the deadly incident. […]

Jury awards $14 million after garbage truck severs pedestrian’s leg in downtown Portland
May 21, 2016

[…] Scott Busch was crossing with the “walk” signal when an Allied Waste Services truck made an illegal right turn at about 6 a.m. on March 16, 2015, next to Macy’s at Southwest Morrison Street and Fifth Avenue. […] The jury award gives Scott Busch about $3 million for medical and other expenses, plus $10.5 million for his pain and suffering. […]

Mosier Fire Chief Calls Shipping Bakken Crude Oil By Rail ‘Insane’
June 4, 2016

[…] “The rationale that was explained to me by the Union Pacific fire personnel is that the metal is too hot, and the foam will land on the white-hot metal and evaporate without any suppression effect,” he said. […] The fire very easily could have spread to some or all of the 96 cars behind, because they were in the line of the prevailing wind. […]

Oregon derailment likely to reignite oil-by-rail safety concerns
June 6, 2016

[…] The incident comes eight months after lawmakers extended a deadline until the end of 2018 for rail operators to implement advanced safety technology, known as positive train control, or PTC, which safety experts say can avoid derailments and other major accidents.

The measures included phasing out older tank cars, adding electronic braking systems and imposing speed limits, all meant to reduce the frequency and severity of oil train crashes. […]

Oregon rolls back speed limit hike on some highways
June 7, 3016

The state transportation department said Tuesday it was rolling back recent speed limit increases on some highways, including a stretch where a Madras woman and her three children were killed in crash last month. […] Research for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program in 2006 found increasing the speed limit from 55 to 65 mph raises the number of crashes by about 3 percent, while the number of fatal injuries increases by 28 percent. […]

Atlanta Puts $1 Billion Towards Bike and Pedestrian Projects
Momentum Mag
June 7, 2016

[….] While we won’t hold our breath for Atlanta to knock Portland out of the top spot by this time next year, we’re excited to see if this car-capital can successfully turn around decades of auto-centric investment in order to reach their top 10 goal. Doing so would send a clear message to any North American city that it’s never too late to change up your transportation system. Wishing you all the best, Atlanta. […]

State drops appeals, agrees to pay $517,000 to motorcyclist kicked by OSP captain
Register Guard
June 7, 2016

The state of Oregon has agreed to pay more than $500,000 to bring an end to a federal civil rights case in which a state police captain roughed up a motorcyclist during a traffic stop west of Eugene in 2012. […] In addition to supporting his claim that Edwards had used excessive force by kicking him, the jury found that Edwards acted with negligence when his car rear-ended Wilkens’ motorcycle seconds before the kick. […]